Our Vision

At CIIG, we take a holistic approach to our development strategy.CIIG focuses on important fundamentals in real estate development such as infrastructure funding, construction and project management. Furthermore, we also understand that the world is more interconnected now more than ever. With our extensive international connections with companies in Asia, we specialize in matching high quality companies with the best development opportunities in the Western US.

We work hard every day to strengthen the relationship between businesses and government by providing superior support and service. We have assembled a visionary team of some of the most experienced and qualified profes-sional advisors in each of the related building, construction, design, technology and finance sectors into one unmatched development team to help foreign businesses navigate complicated local jurisdiction and bureaucracy that usually stands as an impediment to successful and efficient corporate development.


National Strategy

Build a circular economy by attracting domestic firms from all over the US to targeted communities through a clustered industry incubation approach. By physically and programmatically grouping related industries together in campus environments, CIIG envisions a complete technological and business ecosystem that will foster company growth through collaboration and cooperation. These business hubs will streamline industry supply chains as well as inspire possible offshoot industries in the process.

Local Strategy

Global Strategy

Attract new foreign direct investment through fostering and coordinating relationships between our international offices in Taipei and the US. CIIG will explore all possible investment opportunities and connect the best fit investors and companies to the right projects in order to maximize economic and social benefit for local communities. Current projects range from exploring new green sustainable technologies to modernizing outdated American infrastructure.

Building ideas for a better future

 Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix Mesa Gateway Lot 37 Hangar

Successful Hangar Foam Drop of Fire Suppression System

Some Of Our Projects

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Concept Design

Fountain Valley, CA

CA-Infiltration Galley

Our Partners


Star America, a subsidiary of Tikehau Capital, a global alternative asset management group, is a U.S. headquartered developer and manager of infra- structure assets in North America.